A Night Out With My Dad

 Hi my name is Brandon Andersohn, and I am 11 years old. I want to tell you about a night out with my dad. It was one of the best nights of my life. I went to go see the living legend JOE SATRIANI, he is my idol.

Last night, Joe Satriani had a guitar clinic in San Francisco. Now many of you might not know who he is but he is one of the best guitar players in the world!! The drive to San Francisco was about two hours but it was worth it because two reasons, one, I love spending time with my dad, and I got to in the car. Second, it was the best clinic/concert I’ve ever been to in my life.

When we got to San Francisco it took so long to find parking. After the relief that we found parking just guess how long the line was. Yeah try more than 400 people and it took forever for the line to move. It took so long for the line to move that I thought I wasn’t even going to get in or get to see Joe. When we were about five yards away from getting in the door, my dad said to me, if the manager said that only one more person can go in, he would make me go instead of him, and when he said that, it made feel so good inside because that means he really wanted me to have the time of my life instead of him.

Once we got into Guitar Center it was HUGE. So me and my dad tried to get as close as we could to the stage, which wasn’t very close at all. So my dad said when Joe goes on the stage that he will put me on his shoulders. Once that happens, we will take pictures. I saw an opening on the side and I told my dad to go there so we did. There were a lot of tall people there and there was a tall amp and I told my dad I was going to stand on it so I could see.

I got to listen to about one song, then the store manager said I had to get off the amp. I told my dad that we needed to move. When I was up on the amp, I saw where the bathrooms were, and they were right by the mini stage that Joe was playing on. So I faked like I had to go to the bathroom so me and my dad could be right by Joe and take some pictures together. After I was done going to the bathroom, we listened to Joe some more. He is so good!! But so is my dad!!!

When he was done playing, he let the audience ask him questions. My dad was the first one to ask a question. After that, another guy asked a question. He said he had a signed guitar from Joe and then he asked if Joe would play it. Joe said yes. As Joe was playing the guitar, the man had tears running down his face. The store manager said that we can get an autographed picture from Joe. He said the first row of people in the audience go first, so me and my dad snuck in to the front row and got in line.



My dad bought a brand new CD that Joe just recorded and we got it signed by him. I also got to meet Joe and get a signed picture from him too. I got to shake his hand which I haven’t washed yet lol. On the way home, we listened to Joe’s brand new CD and rocked out in the car. It was one of the best nights of my life!!! I now have the autographed picture in my room framed.

My dad told me it was okay to blog this so I can share one of the most special times of my life with you. My dad’s the best dad in the whole world, and we’re best friends forever!!!

Brandon Andersohn

My dad is going to help me put up a video of Joe shredding the guitar. I hope you Enjoy it!!
Click on Joe’s photo to watch the video. 



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