A Symphony of Annoying Computer Sounds

We’ve all heard those wonderful/annoying sounds that come from our computers. We have for many years now. You know the ones I’m talking about, and I think just like advertising ads on our screens, we become immune to them both. The clicks, dings, twits, starts, shutdowns, arriving emails, lockups, crashes etc. Are we really listening or seeing for that matter?

I see and hear things much differently after watching this.

You’ll never look at your screen or listen to the sounds from your computer the same way ever again. haha! It’s genius. I wasn’t surprised when I found out this was created by someone named, “SomethingUnreal” on Youtube.

Funny Flash – Here’s the most common and unspoken computer tip in the world:

Be careful of the sounds your computer makes when you have your volume FULL BLAST from watching a pourly recorded video just moments earlier. haha!! You’ve all heard some of these sounds come out of your computers at FULL BLAST, I laugh out loud when I get the visual of that happening to us.

I just had to share this…

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