Active Rain Dinner – Ends In Marriage Proposal

Tuesday night of this week, a few of us AR members got the chance to meet up with Active Rains very own Jonathan Washburn and Bob Stewart as they were passing through San Francisco, California.  We met at a place called Cafe Tirimisu for some really good food, fun, and Vino.  It was really cool getting to meet a few of the folks who showed up to enjoy and partake in the evening with us.

I finally got to meet Bob Stewart and Ginger Wilcox who I feel like I’ve already known forever. We’ve talked on the phone at times, even commented to each other on our Blogs, but meeting in person is really the coolest part of the whole Active Rain experience.  There’s something special about finally meeting another AR member that I just can’t put into words.  It seems that every time I meet someone from AR in person, there’s already an invisible bond or “code of respect” that exists, and then the relationship just gets stronger and now means so much more.

Who else was there? I was fortunate to get our waiter to take this photo of us outside the cafe after dinner.  I promised I’d share this photo here!

Me, Mary Pope-Handy, Dionne Morgan, Cindy Lin, Bob Stewart, Janet Guilbault, Mike Mueller, Jonathan Washburn, Ginger Wilcox.

 I just have to share this little tid-bit here. When someone at the dinner table asked Bob Stewart his role at Active Rain Corp, his response was that he’s the community builder for this great social network that we all love!  OK, are you ready?  Here it comes…I never said it out loud, but now I will always see you my friend as “Bob The Builder”…you knew it was coming Bob!!!  LOL!~   I just had to share that…..sorry.  🙂

While sitting at the dinner table discussing a wide variety of topics and musings, the gentleman sitting right next to me at the adjacent table, stood up, said excuse me to Janet Gilbault, and I quote, “I need to get in here” as he semi nuzzled her out of the way.  Then he repeated, “Excuse me, I really need to get in here” as Janet moved from his pathway and he squeezed between our tables.  He drops down onto one knee, pulls out the little black box, and begins  proposing.  I hear the words, “Will You Marry Me?” Just FYI, he was not talking to Janet or Bob Stewart.  I couldn’t believe this was happening right next to me, I’ve only seen this kinda stuff on TV, but since I had the camera…well…you know me, I just started clicking away.

I found out that Pax Smith was the gentleman’s name, so I gave him my card and told him to contact me so I could email him the photos of his “special moment.”  Little did Pax know, he was sitting next to a table of Active Rain Bloggers, so before I send him these photos, I thought sending him a link to this post might even be more special.  I hope he won’t mind that I shared this with all of you here on Active Rain.  I thought I’d let some comments build up before I send him this link.  We wish Pax and his “Wife To Be” all the very Best!

So here’s to you Pax and to your beautiful new Fiancée. This moment captured on film can never be re-lived or taken back and re-done, but it will always be remembered and special.  I hope these photos will remind you of that special night in San Francisco, and always bring a smile to your faces knowing that the complete strangers sitting next to you were very touched by your proposal that evening.  My gift to you both is this post, these photos, and if you look around here on Active Rain, you’ll find over 70,000 people here who would love to help you and your lady with the process of finding that next home you’ll be buying soon to start your wonderful “new” family!  We represent the entire Country here, so you’re in good hands.   Just click here to roam about the country.

Congratulations to Pax Smith and his Fiancée, and “thank you” to Active Rain and the other members for a wonderful and memorable evening that will be etched in our memories forever.  It really was a special night for us all!  A very special “Happy Valentine’s Day” to each of you and especially to Pax and his new Fiancée.

EDIT 1: See Ginger Wilcox’s Featured Post about This Dinner Event


EDIT 3:  The Comment Response from Pax

Hello Brad and the whole Active Rain dinner party!

WOW! What an incredible and overwhelming response! Tiffany and I, want to thank each and everyone of you for your well wishes and offerings of luck. It was a fantastic evening made even more so, by the emotional support offered to us by strangers who each, in their own way provided and are still providing love and memories that we will forever carry with us.

Thank You All!

And when we start the search for a new home we know the people to whom we’ll turn.

James Pax Smith

EDIT 4:  The Comment Response from Tiffany

To the active rain crew,

Thank you so much for being there at our special moment on Tuesday night. The photos and video montage are more that Pax & I both could ever ask for! I haven’t been able to stop grinning since it happened, and I know I’ll always be able to look back at the photos and re-live the happy night! I’m the luckiest gal in the world!

Future Mrs. Pax Smith  (Tiffany)

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