Against All Odds and Rumors

Lots of stuff going on at ActiveRain these days, but how is this all really affecting the community and members there?  Sure there’s been some changes, but isn’t change good?   Sure, the previous CTO is gone, but then again, so are the proxy errors? (no offense Jorgen Hahn)

Could this be the change that ActiveRain has needed for a while now? Only time will tell, but I already see a difference in the site stability and speed. Their outreach to the members and community is also very impressive. I give huge kudos to Bob Stewart, Nikesh, and the others trying to fill the big shoes that are now gone. I also give the staff credit for their efforts and stand behind their vision and decision to make ActiveRain bigger, better, and more reliable and stable than ever before.

Don’t take this wrong, Jon Washburn is like a brother to me and I realize and accept that this has been a difficult transition for many, but it is the situation none-the-less which is definitely out of your and my control.

I started on ActiveRain as a blogging member way back in 2007 and have been blogging there consistently for the past four years. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things happen in that time, people come and go, members getting banned, employees being let go, the site up and then going down again, and I’ve witnessed some really unbelievable issues and situations.

Regardless of all the changes and obstacles, I chose to stick it out and I’m glad I did.

So there I am, and there you are, ActiveRain is up and running, SEO flowing, people commenting, relationships being created, people doing business, new members joining, other leaving, AR staff busting their arses, members complaining, so what’s really changed around there?

I guess the question to ask yourself is “Why Am I There?” “What’s in it for Me?” Only you can answer that, and only you will.  Is there room for improvement on ActiveRain? Always.  Is ActiveRain for everyone?  Never!  Are the odds against or for ActiveRain?  I’m placing my bet on “YES” that ActiveRain will continue moving forward into the future just as they always have in the past.

Remember when Steve Young stepped in for Joe Montana? Their TEAM went on to win Superbowl’s on multiple occasions even though many said it couldn’t be done. Even the teams greatest fans had doubt. Against all odds… It was still done! Is the thrill of Victory greater than the agony of defeat? I believe they are both equally emotionally draining.

Let it Rain!

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  1. Brad, there are SO many reasons that I’m there but, to name a few–friendships, business referrals, marketing opportunities and the education. It’s been a great ride on AR and I have to say that I’m SO glad that you’re still ‘around’ to coach us and set us straight!

    • Brad Andersohn

      Debe – and you are one of the main reasons I am there. You’re one of my favorite people in the rain! Why? Because you always put up with me.

  2. A month has passed since you posted this and your insight is, as ever (in my limited experience with you!), coming to fruition. Change, as you so aptly noted, is to be expected and embraced in the evolution of any business environment. Especially our Social Media environment.

    Your participation in Rain Camp Seattle brought tools and views immediately useful and productive.

    See you soon.

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