America’s Got Talent – One For The Money, Two For The Show…

It’s not often that I would post something like this, but it’s just way too exciting to pass up.  Many of you who went to RainCamp in San Francisco got to see our family Band “Armored Flight” play for our first “live” performance.  We had a blast!  The support and love we’ve received since has been awesome.  One thing led to another, and the next thing I know, we’re auditioning for America’s Got Talent!

Here’s the long story made short~

After RainCamp SF, our youngest son Brandon, (age 13) also our guitar player, asked if I would take him to LA to enter as a guitar in AGT5.  Well I did, and after his 90 second debut solo, the NBC producer said to him “You remind me of Van Halen, you should be entering your family band!”  You can read about our journey on Brandon’s very first blog post: “America’s Got Talent – My Adventure and Dream Come True” 


So when we returned home, my wife and our two boys went into the recording studio and recorded a song called “Just Do It” in hopes that we might get into this years competition.  We submitted our video to AGT’s audition site.  We think we may be one of the few if not the ONLY “Family” rock bands in America.  This last Thursday, I received this email from the casting producers at NBC and America’s Got Talent.

OMG!  When I saw this, my heart rate tripled, my blood pressure exploded, I immediately ran into the bedroom where my wife was taking a shower (TMI) and told her of the news.  Then I ran back to my computer and responded to their email and answered their questions.  I was literally shaking with excitement and couldn’t wait to tell the kids and the rest of our family.

You can’t imagine the next moments, hours, and days that followed.  To us, this is like winning the lottery.  It’s Even Better!!  Here’s our announcement we put up on the Armored Flight Blog for our family and friends.

SO WE ARE GOING TO THE NEXT ROUND and think we have a good chance.  We would be the very first and only family rock band to ever make it on the show in the history of America’s Got Talent.  If there were ever a favor I’d ask from anyone who reads this….well, I think you already know what it is…   :-))

The Executive Producers at NBC are now reviewing all the finalists to see who makes it on the show.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping they’ll give “America” the chance to possibly vote for us. 

Win or lose, this is a very exciting time and journey for us.  I am so proud of these kids and of my wife!  We definitely have our work cut out, so now it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and hopefully……”four to go!”  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our family, one of the coolest things that’s ever happened,  and it’s something we just had to share with you all.

NEW UPDATE – 3/25/2010

We received a voice mail from AGT while I was away at Seattle.  They want us to send in one more “live” video for the next round of competition.  This one is just for the Executive Producers.  They want it raw, uncut, recorded in our living room.  I’m setting up my flip video camera this weekend and recording a song (the very first and same song that we opened up with at RainCamp San Francisco) and sending it in this weekend.  How ironic is that?  We’re back to the “first song” that got us here to begin with.  lol~

I have to say, after staying with Bob Stewart the last couple days, and watching American Idol with him at his house the other night, this whole experience is becoming so surreal.  I still can’t believe this is happening or even wrap my brain around it. It’s like a dream that I just can’t seem to get down to a reality.  It is very REAL and I am very PROUD of my family right now!!  Thanks to ALL our AR friends and family for all your comments of support and encouragement, it means more to me us than you will ever know.

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