Andersohn Turns 85 Years Old – Watch Out Billy Joel and Elton John

Last week I was fortunate enough to get away for a couple days to take my kids and visit their Grandpa for his 85th surprise birthday party in Arizona.  It had been 8 long years since my 3 boys had seen there Gramps, so this was a great surprise and fun for us all.  I won’t bore you with all the mushy and sobby details, but I did want to share this video with you of my father playing the piano, possibly the very last time, and it was such a blessing to have it caught this on film.  Somehow I think he must have known this, and so he performed this song called “MORE” magnificently.

So no tutorial today, no instructions or “How To” do this or that, just a simple video of Dad on his piano, with all his grand kids, son, and friends gathered around to wish him a very special 85th birthday. He is the oldest living Andersohn on the planet and he’s quite proud of that. As you watch him play this song, keep in mind that this man played and entertained his entire life for thousands, maybe even millions. Now, just for a select few.

He has suffered and survived many illnesses, has only 1/4 of a stomach left, has arthritis in all his fingers, and is being treated for Parkinson’s disease on top of his battle with cancer.  He hasn’t played this piano for many years, but you would never know it by his demonstration of passion and love for the keys that’s shown in this video. I hope you enjoy it, my father…  Gunner Andersohn at the Piano.


Happy Birthday Dad, you made it to 85!  I am proud of you and honored to be your son.  Your gift of music has now been handed down three generations and is still giving great joy and happiness to others this very day.  My gift back to you is sharing this song with all my friends and family here, so that your talents and music can live on forever. Thank you for sharing this very special day and this song with your family, your friends, and now with the rest of the world.

Musically Yours,
Happy Birthday, I love you Dad!

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