Apture – The All In One Tool For Social Media Content

Apture – The All In One Tool For Social Media Content

Apture is a pretty nifty tool that allows you to select and control the start and stop times of Youtube Videos, Embed a real-time Twitter feed of a user or search phrase, Embed Interactive Google Street View Maps, and make your Blog posts and websites come alive with a single player and embed code that includes all the above and more.  Apture now has a free online service (Builder) that will allow you to search and capture selected content, then place it into a single window that consolidates space on your Blog or site, and lets users select what they want to see.

In just a few minutes, you can select content from various sources to be displayed in the player, and Apture does the search within their custom builder.  Many of my Blog posts are longer than I’d like them to be since I add video, RSS feeds, snippets, podcasts, and photos that take up a lot of space.  It also takes me time to place each item in the post correctly so they look somewhat cosmetically attractive.  I can see many useful ways Apture could be used for creating and posting Hyper-Local content, Listings and Community information, adding relative multi-media and more without taking up all the space on your Blog post.

Here’s a sample of the Apture embed tool using various topics and links. As you explore the content options by clicking on the various windows, you’ll see what I mean about saving space, time, and consolidating larger amounts of content into a single resource tool.  Once you try Apture yourself, you’ll see how easy it is and will most likely want to try it with your own topics, searches, and content.  Just imagine how long this post would have been if I had included all these items individually.

Why embed only 1 video or slide show when you can include up to 7 items in a single player?

To see how Apture is best utilized, click on any of the images in the lower area of the window above. Each one will open a new window without leaving your Blog or Website. There will be a link to each item if your visitors want to see more. You can also use a variety of multiple content and topics from various sources. If you want to add custom or specific URLs to Apture, you’ll just need to sign up for their FREE membership to do so. For more tips and tricks using Apture, see their Blog HERE.

CEO and Co-Founder of Apture demonstrates (using this tool) how to “Go Inside Congress” and create transparency by connecting tidbits of news, video, articles and information into links embedded into his Blog. Yet another great way to use Apture to create exciting Blog posts loaded with rich and useful multi-media content.

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