Ask A Real Estate Professional – Who Will Answer?

Here’s an area of ActiveRain I haven’t written about. Can you imagine that? lol~  I have been watching the Q&A board on the Network for the past few days now.  I know for a fact that many or most members aren’t using this much, or may not even know it’s there.

The Q&A link is for consumers to ask questions from “US” (the community), about areas of the Country and other specific interests.  Have you seen some of these questions?  Are you checking if any of them are from your area?  It only takes a minute to do.  I see this as a potential “Goldmine” in that you can connect with consumers here.  There’s a variety of questions and potential opportunities you might want to check out.

Here’s what the Q&A link reads: Below is a list of questions from the “Ask a real estate professional” form. Real estate professionals on ActiveRain may provide answers to these questions. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.


Q. I am currently trying to purchase a house that is owned by a lender and I am using my VA. How can I ask for seller contributions which are used towards other things besides closing costs and fees?

Q. how can I make sure that every penny of the sellers contributions is used to my benefit so that the loan officer doesn’t pocket the money?

Q. What interest rate can a home-buyer expect to receive with the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing program? Is it usually equal to an FHA 30-year? Or the VA 30-year? Or does the interest rate vary by LTV and FICO?

Q. There are 2 of us that own 5 acres of land north of Houston. He will pay me for my part of the property so I can buy somewhere else. He will build on this property. What kind of document do we need to get?

Q. What do agents normally charge for commission on a rental? Is it a years rent times the usual SOC of 2.5% or 3%?

This Q&A section was intended to be a forum to let consumers “Ask A Real Estate Professional”
but I see many AR members asking questions here too? This is NOT the place for members to ask questions.  It’s a “HOSTING AREA” for consumers to ask, and for “us” to answer and connect.  Have you given any thought or attention to this area of ActiveRain?  There’s no such thing as a dumb question, but I’d feel dumb if someone didn’t answer mine.  😐

There are no points offered for giving answers and comments, but there may very well be something even better if you understand ROI.  It’s kind of like Trulia Voices.  Just a thought here friends, but please read the Guidelines before trying to answer any questions on the Q&A link.

Here are the only Guidelines required to participate in this Q&A section of the Community:

This real estate question was submitted via, and you may provide a response to the consumer. Your contact information, picture, link to profile, etc will be provided along with the response. Failing to follow the guidelines will result in you losing your ability to answer questions.

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