At This Moment – A Social Media Way To Record and Share

This Moment – A new Social Media Way To Record and Share the past, the now, and the future!

UPDATE: 12/18/2011 is no longer available. Like many others, they must have run out of money!

What are you doing right at this very moment?  Well you’re reading this post obviously, but wouldn’t it be cool if there were a site that could combine all your “moments” and social media and real life adventures into one nice convenient place that you could seamlessly share with friends and family?

Imagine having all your accounts like Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook accessible from a single link or click, and then you could share “Those Moments” with specific friends or others from your Google or Yahoo contacts.  That would be the coolest site imaginable! is exactly what you’ll want to check out.  I played on the site this morning after seeing this video that The Scobelizer (Robert Scoble) put up on Youtube, and I’m totally loving this new site.  Follow Robert Scoble if you want to keep up with World Changing Technology.  I’ve posted a couple samples on the site so I could demonstrate it here, but once you dive into it, I can guaranty you’ll be hooked.

Take a look at the time-line and widget I added below, then head on over and check it out. Be sure to add me as a friend there, this way I can keep up with what YOU’RE doing at any given moment, at least with the moments you’re wanting and willing to share. lol~ I give these guys @ThisMoment a BIG 10 and 5 GOLD stars for this site. It’s the THEN, The NOW, and THE FUTURE all wrapped up into one!


I’ve added a couple steps below to get you started, the rest is up to you:
The First Step is that you’ll need to join ThisMoment. Yes, it’s FREE! 🙂

What is thisMoment

Connect with friends and family

Link photos, videos, and update services

Add your first moment

Learn how to add moments by email

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