AT&T Uses Facebook – Connecting with Wireless Customers

AT&T Uses Facebook to Try and Connect with Wireless Customers

Did you know that AT&T covers 97% of all Americans?  They claim to have the nations fastest mobile broadband network that allows you to talk and browse the web at the same time.  They also claim to have seamless access to over 20,000 Wi-Fi hot-spots available, more than any other U.S. wireless provider. Now they plan to try and improve the user experience for their mobile clients.

In 2010 they planned to invest somewhere between $18 and $19 Billion in their wireless networks across the country.  They’ve already invested more in their networks over the past three years than any of their U.S. competitors according to Mike Maxwell, Vice President and General Manager at AT&T for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. “We’ve already upgraded our cell sites to enable faster mobile broadband speeds when paired with expanded backhaul, and we plan a similar upgrade at the end of the year that will enable even faster speeds.” Backhaul?

They’re not stopping there.  AT&T says they’ll be adding thousands of new cell sites to their network, expanding their mobile broadband coverage to millions of existing and new customers, installing enhanced fiber backhaul, and increasing the capacity of their data network.  They are confident that these enhancements will provide a better experience and enable a seamless migration to the next generation of mobile broadband – LTE.  However, many users out there are still not having a positive experience.

Courtesy of the AT&T Facebook Fans (and non-fans) Wall

What does all this mean to you as an AT&T customer?  Better coverage where it matters most, and fast access to information on the go.  If you think that AT&T isn’t looking at every possible solution and challenge we face as users, let them know on their Facebook page at, like Mary has, I know they’d love to hear from you too. 

So why am I so excited about what AT&T is doing for customers like me?  Because there’s nothing worse than a dropped call when the person on the other end is right in the middle of their sentence saying something like…..  “Oh My Gosh, you’re not going to believe this…”

(call dropped!) :-O (phone reads no service)  :-/   Dare I say…Can you hear me now?

It’s nice to see an attempt by AT&T to listen and try to connect with customers via social media sites like Facebook.  Maybe this will be a huge turning point for their company and their service.  In the past, an unsatisfied customer who calls in over a phone line has nowhere near the impact and power that an unsatisfied customer on Facebook can have.  Social media sites like Facebook in all their glory have also created a bullhorn for the consumer to send a variety of messages to Company’s and to other users in an unprecedented way. 

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