Be On The Lookout … SPAMMERS are Sneaking Into The Rain


Have you been SPAMMED here lately?  If so, please report these critters that are taking the time to fill out a profile on AR, just to SPAM you!  If you report any member who is obviously here with one intent [TO SPAM OUR MEMBERS],  shoot me an email, and I will take care of it and also give YOU 500 points for helping keep our network safe and SPAM FREE.  Be on the lookout for these illegitimate crusaders that deserve to have the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits. LOL~ (not really) We caught three so far this week thanks to YOU.

The email SPAMS may look something like this:

Name: Mary Mark
Email Address:
Subject: Hi 

Message: Hi I hope today finds you well. I felt greatly impressed after reading your profile today. My name is MARY Please I have some thing to discuss with you . I will like you to write me on my email address; to enable us to discuss in details. I hope hearing from you soon. Thanks for your understanding.


Help us catch these Culprits of Corruption, these Populating Parasites, there is no room in the rain for SPAM!  These folks are deleted by staff immediately in most cases, but on occasion, a few do slip by.

This weeks 500 point award recipients & winners are:


                   Robert & Jani Bielenberg       Kevin Boer              Sherry Scales

Their Busted Perpetrators are:

Mary Mark                                                       Osila Patrick

Thank you for helping us to capture and delete these poachers, happy hunting!



(of which you are all part of)

***Note: This “SPAM WATCH” does not apply to comments made on your posts by other members, only email spam from other illegitimate members.  For comment spam, you have 3 options:  1) Contact member to ask that links not be placed in your comments, 2) Delete the comment using the link provided,  3) Report as spam using the link provided.  Using These 3 options will not be awarded bonus points.

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