Best Kept Secrets and Answers

How do you find the best kept secrets and answers to your most difficult questions and challenges? It used to be that if you wanted to know about something, or learn something new about a particular topic, you had to go to the library or to a school that offered a class!?

Today, all you have to do is go to the Internet and Google it.  The only problem is that Google returns thousands, even millions of pages with the same keywords and search terms as yours, and just how certain can you really be that the information you find is correct, or even accurate?

The same goes with all the other search engines, but how do you filter out the junk from the valuable and legit content?  Well, it’s easy.

Best Kept Secrets on Youtube

YouTube Video is about the most solid search engine that returns the most credible content!  Why YouTube you ask?  Because seeing is believing and when you watch most things and tutorials in a video, it’s more relevant, easier to understand and believe, and it removes the potential of one to wonder off within their own imagination.  While the comments on YouTube are ungoverned and quite atrocious, the video content is for the most part… Amazing!

I learned how to play the ukulele on YouTube.  My wife learned how to sew with her sewing machine on YouTube.  A friend of ours learned how to best change his baby’s diaper on YouTube. And today, I found the answer to the best kept secret in the world on YouTube.  “The Best Kept Secret of the Dollar!”  This one will really get you thinking.

Go ahead, try it! Search YouTube just as you would Google, Yahoo, or MSN for ANYTHING and see what you get?  Then compare it to your other search engine findings.  Even the search engines are now showing videos from YouTube as results in the top of their search engine results pages.

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