Best Time Management Tip for Agents

A prominent coach for Real Estate Agents conducted an interesting test. He had his 22 year old son call several REALTORS®, telling them he was looking to buy a home.

He got appointments with 8 out of the 10 REALTORS® he called.

He got appointments to ride in their car on a Saturday to shop for houses. Now, here’s an unemployed, 22 year old college student that 8 out of 10 REALTORS® did NOT pre-qualify! So 80% of these REALTORS® scheduled themselves to waste their prime working time on a Saturday!

Never forget that the most important thing you are in control of is your time. During that 24 hours some get a lot done and some virtually nothing. It’s critical that you get maximum results from each and every day.

The best time management tip for agents is to get a pre-approval for your clients BEFORE they occupy more than 15 minutes of your time. You will be doing yourself a huge favor and saving a potential buyer from big disappointment.

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