Real Estate Video Guerrilla Marketing

Real estate marketing and advertising video these days leaves little or no room for a shaky, word wasting, time sucking video that most people are shooting with their mobile devices, flip video, or digital cameras.  No longer will a virtual tour of walking up the stairs while huffing and puffing, out of breathe, while showing off the bannister and crown molding, be good enough for a high end or even moderately priced seller’s home.

Company’s like Coldwell Banker who staff agents like “Jessica Edwards in Wilmington, NC.” are creating high end fancy and fun videos that charge the viewer with energy and excitement while subliminally creating awareness of a service with a call to action. They’re also doing it by tapping into the emotional senses and using great visuals and music.  No longer will a virtual tour 360 panorama photo/video tour with the voice of James Earl Jones be enough. The bar is raised, are you ready to meet the competition?

Inspired by the Harvard Baseball team, the Miami Cheerleaders, Katy Perry, Mumu Girls, and of course the one and only Carly Rae present “Call Me Maybe!” Filmed and produced by Joe Cheshire at  I like this video best!


This video takes an entirely new approach to “Guerrilla Marketing” by using a combination of great video shots, popular music, (which is the subliminal call-to-action) well planned choreography, consistent subliminal messaging, and a whole lot of fun amongst some very Videogenic friends. Pay close and special attention to the movements, the colors, the overall ambiance, and everything that is in this video that makes it work.  23,000 plus views in 8 days.

Now about your next video listing or virtual tour?  While this video may not be the standard since this is a $35 million dollar home, the question begging to be asked is at what point will a $5 million dollar homes seller ask, expect, or deserve a marketing video of this quality as a standard?  While the real estate market appears to have hit bottom according to most major real estate news media sites, it looks like real estate video marketing has also hit the bottom as well and now has only one place to go.

“The Spider and the Fly”


This listing actually had a custom iPad application that was created, installed on brand new iPads, and then given to a select few perspective buyers. Read more here… Let the real estate video marketing advertising competition begin.

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  3. Brad Andersohn

    Sorry to say that Jessica Edwards has made her video now private. I’m guessing that there may have been some sort of legal action in that the video was starting to go viral, get lots of attention, and she was in a position to remove it or make it private based on some legal, moral, or ethical issue. (just guessing) My apologies for the inconvenience.

    • Brad Andersohn

      My other thought/guess is that the video guerrilla marketing worked so well, her phone rang off the hook and the video had to be removed in order to keep up with all the leads, contacts, and clients it generated. Way to go Jessica!!

  4. “Call Me Maybe” video is still one of my favorite real estate marketing videos on the web. Jessica Edwards & friends just make it look so fun! Something real estate should be always! Great job ladies~ 🙂

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