The Ultimate Blogger Startup Kit

The Ultimate Blogger Startup Kit

When you first heard the word “Blog” you were probably just like the rest of us.  Not sure, confused, and maybe even uncomfortable with the whole idea and concept.  My guess is that you still are if you’ve opened this post and you’re still reading it.

Here is a Starter Kit with everything you need to know, for your Blogging and Blogosphere survival.  If you are new to Blogging (less than 3 months or so) this is the post for you.  Here is the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Blogging, which is the newest and most exciting way for social networking in the World…and it’s FREE!

Your Starter Kit Includes The Following:

Here are the TOP 100 Most Subscribed Bloggers on the Active Rain Network.  Almost 50,000 members strong, but these are the 100 that most readers subscribe to.  If you view and learn from these Bloggers, you can shave years off the learning process.  This is where I have learned so much, and you can too!  Who should Blog?   You! That’s why you signed up isn’t it?

ActiveRain Networking

Top 5 secrets of successful blogs and how yours can be one of them

ActiveRain Community Resources – Updated 05/18/07

So what is a Blog? What should you Blog about?  Here’s what the experts have to say. No chance of writers block with this available to you.  Here ‘s 101 ideas to write about on your Blog – compliments of the Real Estate Tomato.  If that isn’t enough for you, CLICK HERE to be blown away!  There are more ideas and content here than you could ever write about.

What should I write next? The Ultimate Guide to Ideas for Your Next Blog

What Kind of Blogger Are You? Blogphobics, Come On Out and Play

The Top Ten 4-Letter Words of Real Estate Blogging

When should you Blog? It varies for most, but I use the hours of 6-7am and or 10-12pm.  Post in the mornings and comment at night.  This way it doesn’t interfere with my daily obligations and commitments.  You will have to decide when and how much time you want to put into it.  Here’s my analogy.  If you practiced piano for 1/2 hour and only once each month, that’s 12 practices a year totaling 6 hours of overall rehearsal.  Now if you practice for a 1/2 hour each day, within two weeks, you’ll be better than the one who practiced all year!!  I see you’re catching on. 🙂  You’ll find your way, just get started! Finish this post, read the links, then just go post.

Welcome Active Rain Newbies: Read Me First

Active Rain of course, but also get connected on Facebook, LinkedIn, MyBlogLog and some of the other social networking groups out there.  Even Myspace has even generated business for some folks.  Where can you Blog from?  Anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Your desktop at the office or home, your laptop, your palm top, and even your cell phone.  The iPhone and TREO are great for mobile Blogging.

Blogging 101 – Advice from some of the best….

Paying It Forward, Active Rain Style – 100 Links You MUST See!

Do You Want to be the “Featured Member” in your Area?

This may very well be the $64,000.00 question!  I’m going to let these successful and very well rewarded Bloggers give you the why.  For me, it’s simple: Networking, Business, SEO, Relationships, Referrals, Education, Advertising, Experience, and the Price! FREE!  Better than a website, and much less expensive!

Is Blogging Journaling? – Why Should I Blog?

Does real estate blogging really work?

Blogging For Business

The Top 10 Reasons to Blog on ActiveRain (If you are a mortgage broker)

The Power of Blogging – SER


Rain Tips and Pieces of the Puzzle that are good to know! What Say You?

Do You SEO?

SEO | It’s Not all That Complicated

This is the one holding 1000’s back from being successful Bloggers!!!

Goal setting for bloggers: how to build a popular blog

10 Effective Steps to Blogging For Business $$$

5 Principles to Creating an Effective Post

How To Become The Expert in an Area

How to write a blog that generates leads

7 Mistakes to Avoid on Active Rain

10 Features of Successful Blogs

Best blogging resources

Top 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes

Please…. No More Wall of Words!

10 Features of Successful Blogs

Top 10 Free SEO Web Tools

Should I post to Professionals, Consumers or Both?

How To Get Your Post Featured and/or Included in Week in Review


Blogging Tools and Help?

ActiveRain Owner’s Manual | Book 2

Photos and Graphics and Clip-Art Oh My…

Blogging Tools – ProBlogger


20 Google Tools for Your Business

Widgets: How to Add Them to Your Blog

Successful Blogging in the Real Estate Industry


I know that if you have not placed your first post on your Blog yet, there’s a chance you just won’t ever do it at all.  I hope this “kit” will inspire you to better understand and utilize Blogging to your benefit, and your customers.  This “Starter Kit” is all you will need to move forward effectively and efficiently on Active Rain, and in the Blogosphere.   It’s all here, now the question is… are you? 

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