Blogging From Your Cell Phone?

 Today a client asked me, “Why should I Blog? Why wouldn’t I just use email or talk on the phone?” This was a great question, and momentarily had me stumped! “I wish I could just use my phone to Blog?” I asked, “Why wouldn’t you want to expose your marketing and advertising efforts for free using a Blog? She responded, “Because I don’t have time, I’m not a writer, and Blogging requires both!”

I have to say, these are valid concerns for someone who is considering starting a Blog. Then she commented, “If I could just speak into a microphone or something like that, I might consider it. If I could use my phone to Blog, that would be even better.” I started looking for a solution on how to to create a “Voice Activated Blog!” Taking into consideration the cost/expense of creating such a thing, I did some research and here’s what I found.

It’s a company with a widget that allows you to use your phone to Blog. The widget is then placed on your Blog for others to hear, and they can comment or reply via their phone. I thought this was pretty cool, and wanted to share it on my Blog tonight. It’s called Utterz. It’s simple to sign up and begin using your cell phone or land line to Blog! IT’s FREE!

Here’s how it works: Just call 712-432-Mooo(6666) and record your topic, record an idea for a post, explain your world view, or just post what’s on your mind. You can also send video, pictures and text to, and they’ll post it for you!! It adds a whole new meaning to “finding your voice” for a Blog! Here’s another member’s phone Blog regarding a woman who was fined $222,000.00 for “Stealing” some Music (24 Songs) from KaZaa




“Click for more” on this Widget! Just look what all you can do!




I have uploaded a photo, a video, a text message, a voice reply from my phone, and a written comment! Too Cool!!!

Where does Blogging go from here? Where will technology take us and our Blogs in the days ahead? There are already tech-tools in place that will allow Video Blogging and now Voice Recorded Blogging? There is even a social networking community now called “Second Life” which is a virtual webspace with Life-Like Avatars! it’s crazy, they’re even selling lots and land in the cyber worlds. That’s a whole different topic and post. (coming soon…) Check out Utterz, it’s utterly a new way to Blog from your cell phone!

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