Computer Fail – Moving To The Cloud

Everyone has heard this phraseit’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of when and unfortunately this is so true.  This past week at NARdiGras in New Orleans, my computer hard-drive crashed and I lost all the data that was stored on it.  Luckily I have backed up many of the folders and items, but not everything.  I’m disappointed in myself for not making sure ALL my files were backed up, thinking that I might be exempt from this ever happening to me.

The process of getting my computer fixed in New Orleans is a story I’ll save for another time since the experience and adventure were extraordinary, but the outcome wasn’t so bad since eventually, I was able to get a new hard drive installed and have my computer finally working again.  This can and will happen to you too.  Your motherboard will go out, your hard-drive will fail, the video card will fry, your computer will crash. 


Unlike previous computer “fails” that I’ve experienced where I would reinstall a bunch of software apps, files, and plug-ins etc.,  this time I’m going to create and try to do almost everything on the web instead.  There are enough resources and apps on the “cloud” that will make this easy and possible.  Obviously you can’t do everything on the web but with all the online tools and resources, it’s time to consider the options available? 

I’m all about trying to minimize the damage from hardware and software failures in the future.  Now that there are companies like the ones mentioned in this video, moving to the cloud is even easier than ever and might be the best option for folks like me looking to take their software, hardware and even server issues to a worry-free environment. 

Yep, Today I’m moving to the cloud!

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