Computers and your HEALTH!

Computers and your HEALTH!

Did you know that there can be Health hazards from computer use?  We use computers so much these days.  Booking trips, buying cars, researching certain subjects and websites, uploading listings, creating contracts, managing our websites, reading and replying to emails, uploading photos and now you’re Blogging too?!? 

I did some research and found some great sites and tips to share with all of you!  Your Health is #1!  I hope you’ll take a moment to review this, then take the necessary steps to ensure your continued healthy Blogging and computer habits.

If you type “Computers and Health” in, you will find over 226,000,000 pages related to the subject, these are the ones that I found, researched, and wanted to share.  There are some things you can do and should know to reduce your risk of injury.  This is not to alarm you, only to help educate you. 


I know that many of you, like myself, spend way too many hours on the computer.  It is now as much a part of our lives as eating.  Add up the minutes you spend eating, and then how many you spend computing.  You try to eat Healthy, so shouldn’t you try to compute and Blog healthy too?  You know who you are! (Big Grin)

There are many Health issues that can arise from your improper use of a computer(s).  Your Eyes, body, wrists, neck, back, and even mind can suffer from mis-use.  Your vision can be impaired.  Did you know Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most common of health issues that stems from long-term computer usage?  I hope you’ll check out these links above, and then Please Blog Smart and Blog Safe!! Enjoy.  🙂

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