Convert For "Sale By Owners" – Get Buyers in the Process!

 Another FSBO converted to a listing, but with a whole different approach.  I haven’t seen a post that suggested this yet, so allow me to share.  Next time you see a FSBO as you’re driving down the road, pull over and stop in front of the house!  This may be the hardest part of it all!  

Have courage, be strong, don’t be a prisoner of fear.  Get out of your car, go up and knock on the door.  When the owner answers the door, simply say these words:

“Hi I’m Brad (please use your name though) and even though I’d love to talk with you about the prospects of selling your home, that’s not why I am here.  I want all your visitors!” The FSBO will become dis-armed and wonder what visitors you are referring to.

You say, “These are the folks who have come through your home to preview it, said thank you very much, and then never came back again.  I am sure your home is beautiful inside, but for whatever reason, those visitors left, and you will probably never see them again.  I have many homes listed for sale, some like yours, and some that are different.  It may be that I can find them a home since they didn’t buy yours.”

Now the FSBO becomes a little less resistant. “If I left you an Open House Register, would you be kind enough to have your visitors fill out their information when they come in to preview your house? If they don’t buy your home, I’d like to try and help them out.”  If I do find a visitor a home that you referred me, it’s possible that I could reciprocate.”

The FSBO might ask, “what do you mean reciprocate?” You reply “that simply means that if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. For example, I will try to assist you with some of the things you will need while in the process of selling your home.  As I was driving by today, I noticed your sign and realized that NO REALTOR in the area has access to your listing from the MLS, or any other systems we use to find our buyers homes.

There’s no MLS data, no flyer, no marketing, no loan program scenarios, just a sign in the yard that says, “For Sale By Owner!” If you scratch my back, I’ll let all the other agents in my office, plus the ones that I work with in the area, know about your home being for sale.  What I’m saying is, I’ll try to drive some business and buyers your way. What do you think?”

How can the FSBO say no?  Thank them for their time, drop off a guest register, give them your card and just walk away.  When you leave, they will know, you mean business.  Now, very important…Come back the very next day and knock on the door again.  The reception should be a little warmer this time, as you are still fresh in their mind.

Ask them this question.  “You know it dawned on me as I was driving away yesterday, I work with alot of sellers, but I also work with a lot of buyers too, who may be interested in YOUR home.  I’m Not even sure how much you’re asking or what it’s like inside, do you mind if I come in and take a look around?”  You are in! At this point you can preview the home, complimenting all the highlights, and establishing a relationship with the FSBO.

Do what it is you do best, SELL YOURSELF, (because this business is relational, not transactional,) and then SELL your knowledge and service. When the time is right, ask to see the disclosure reports, the CC&R’s, the termite inspections and appraisal or comps which helped them determine the sales price.  Ask lot’s of specific, non threatening questions.

FSBO Cabin

Basically ask your way right into taking the listing.  When the FSBO starts to appear overwhelmed by the legal documentation necessary, and the liability they are taking on by trying to sell their own home, you can say,  “I know, let me help you out here.”  I think you know where this is going.  Once somebody likes you, they’ll listen to you.  Once somebody trusts you, they’ll do business with you.

Sell your value, not the house.  Trust that the follow -up with FSBO‘s is what gets the listing.  Not the “One Time Wham Bam.”

I have known many agents to convert FSBO’s, you just need a solid plan, the ability to Voice your Value, and you have to dis-arm the FSBO and convince them of your value.  The hardest part?   Pulling over, getting out of the car, and just knocking on their door!

Now, if after your second visit, you feel they are still not receptive or ready to list with you, there’s always the third visit a week later, when you come by to pick up your guest register. Bring another agent or friend with you to preview the house once again, but this time, have them sign your contract before you leave!

                                  FSBO stands for: Forever a Successful Business Opportunity!

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