Convert Your Blog To Audio in 60 Seconds

I’ve noticed the fonts on many Blog Posts are getting larger these days. 

I do appreciate any assistance I can get with not having to wear my glasses to read your posts.  Now there’s a way to have your posts read themselves out loud to your subscribers and visitors.  It’s called Odiogo.  It converts your entire post to audio for you.  I’ll use Odiogo in this post to show you how it works.  I’m not saying that everyone should start doing this, but if your eyes are like mine, or starting to get that way, or, if you have viewers who you think would rather hear your post than read it, this may be for you. 

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Here’s my Blog converted by Odiogo.

Another great benefit of Odiogo, is that your Blog Posts can be downloaded, and listened to later.  You can’t do that with just the written typed word.  The thing I like best about Odiogo, is that it takes literally seconds to convert your Blog posts to “Audio Podcasts.”  Just enter your email address, then your Blog URL, and they email you the page that contains an RSS Feed, and another page with all your posts converted to audio.  Literally seconds, and you’re done.  Give it a try, the voice is pretty clear and understandable.  It’s easy to use, and just as most services and tools I post about, it’s absolutely FREE.

To use these individual players and converted audio files on your Blog posts, (like the ones seen below), you will need to view the Odiogo page source of your converted posts, find the one that goes to your specific Blog post, then cut and paste the code using the HTML tab on your AR Blog post.  I know this may be a lot to digest for some, but as always, you know I’m here to help.  Give it a try, see what you think, I’m posting this because I made a promise to a few members that I would.  Test out the players below, and see how it sounds converting my last few posts into audio files for playback., where “Saying It, is as simple as Playing It!”  (I just made that up by the way…LOL…I mean, laugh out loud. hahaha)

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