CRB Real Estate Brokers – Building and Supporting Hyper-Local Blogs

Are you a Real Estate Broker or Manager?  Do you support your Agents Blogging?  Should a Real Estate Brokerage have a company Blog in addition to their own personal Blogs?  What is the value of having a Brokerage or TEAM Blog with multiple contributors?  Who are the “key” people that should contribute to a group Blog?  What should be the focus of a “Brokerage Blog” vs “Personal” and what kind of time commitment is involved?  What tools can be incorporated to bring more value to your Blogs and to the consumer, and why the Heck should you care?

This Friday, we’ll share some insight about these and other questions.  The CRB  (Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers)  Northern California Chapter has invited AR to attend and represent the community.  The question of whether to have a Blog or not is really no longer the question at all, especially if you’re in todays Real Estate Industry and Market.  The real question is; “how do you support, budget, and integrate time and technology so that the individual and Broker Blogs work, and are not something that can cause you or your office problems, lost business, or big money?”

Consumers are using the Internet more and more for research causing Agents and Brokers to take a deeper look at their involvement with Blogging, WEB 2.0 technologies, and their Internet presence.  Is it time to be in tune with them and to find more ways to support them?  Every Brokerage should consider having a Group/Team Blog.  In the very near future, this won’t be a choice or option, it’ll be an Industry standard, just like “the website” was.

The only choices soon will become when and how…

Building a Team or Broker Blog with Multiple Contributors doesn’t have to be challenge or nightmare.  Understanding some basic key fundamentals can help you establish a powerful presence both on-line and in your Local Community.  ActiveRain programmers, developers, and our staff have put in many hours of time and research to determine what works and what doesn’t.  Without a doubt, it takes commitment, focus, time, and a plan.  Investing these four basic elements will deliver a multitude of positive results.

Making the decision to have a Blog or Team Blog is the easy step, but knowing how to make it work and what things to implement, along with who should be contributing, is the key to ANY multi-authored Blogs’ success.  If you’re a Real Estate Broker/Manager, and you do not currently have a Blog or TEAM Blog for your Personal, Brokerage or Office, this may be an enlightening Luncheon for you to attend.  Joe Banuat from Coldwell Banker  (also the NOR-CAL CRB Executive Director) is inviting ALL OF YOU to join us in Sacramento this Friday for:

“Technology and YOU – the Broker/Manager”

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All Licensed Real Estate Agents are Welcome, you DO NOT have to be a Broker or Manager to attend this event.

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