Crowd Sourcing Stimulates Internetegrity

The crowds of the world are the NEW source of news, data, and information. No longer are we dependent or reliant upon just the news networks, the radio, and the television broadcasts to get us information and keep us informed.

Millions of people in the world are now reporting and sharing content online and doing it in real-time.¬† It’s we the consumers that are posting valuable reviews and service ratings about everything out there online.

We share images and live videos of local and worldly events that are both amazing and tragic. It’s all the online sharing, social media platforms, and crowd sourcing that have contributed to the success of the Internet.

Why is crowd sourcing the key to Internet survival? Because alone, we only have our own opinions, our own personal thoughts and perceptions. It takes people, information, and ideas to stimulate our minds and our interests.

Crowd sourced data and information by the masses is really what keeps us coming back to the web. We’re always looking to find out and learn more about what’s happening in the world around us.

There is no faster or better way to get information that stimulates our interests today than the Internet.¬†While it’s impossible to keep up with all the crowd sourced content and data on the web, there will always be a demand and a supply.

The internet is still evolving and while many see the opportunity to market and advertise using the web as a platform to deliver, it will be the crowd sourcing that keeps the internet and its integrity in tact. Internetegrity!

It’s crowd sourcing, the transparency of people, and their unique content that will continue to stimulate the human race and keep the Internet alive.

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