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Be A Local Real Estate Expert on WalkScore

It’s time to get a haircut, do you seek an expert? If your car won’t start, is that when an expert mechanic comes in handy? How about chest pain, would you prefer the advice/help of an expert doctor? None of these are as expensive as buying/selling a house, so I feel confident in assuming you should be working with an expert agent then as well right?

How-To Showcase Your Local Real Estate Expertise

Custom Neighborhood Tours

Walk Score has launched a new iPhone app and their website makes it easy for any real estate professional to showcase their local expertise.

The iPhone app will allow you to add photos of places and experiences that make your specific neighborhoods and communities unique.

There are virtual tours of the home and now there can be virtual tours of the neighborhood,” said broker Pat Giles of Keller Williams Realty.

Check out how Pat is using Walk Score’s new app to create¬†neighborhood tours for her clients. You’ve just got to love this “Bellevue” and “Woodinville” Tour.

How-To Claim Your “Real Estate Local Expert” Badge

Local ExpertIt’s free and easy to add photos of parks, restaurants, shops and more. Contribute 10 or more photos and comments within an area and you’ll be featured as a “Local Expert” on Walk Score. Your photo and a link to your profile will appear on our neighborhood and city pages.

Download their iPhone app or look up an address on their website and click “Add a Place” to get started. Getting in front of consumers at the hyper-local level makes good marketing sense, and if you’re an expert in the real estate market within your community, it could also make marketing dollars.

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