Disabled Comments or The Disabled Post

I have been on ActiveRain now since February of 2007, and been a full-time employee since March of 2008.  I’ve received over 3000+ member emails, 20,000 comments and have been asked every question I think there is to ask (some multiple times..LOL) and still, no one has ever asked the question about disabling comments. 

So I want to have this quiz/contest….

Why is there an option to disable comments when creating a new post?  We rarely, or hardly ever see anyone that uses this “Disable Comments” feature. Hmmm…

The first and correct/BEST answer will receive 1000 bonus points.

Think about it, everyone has seen it, we all know it’s there, no one talks about it, it’s hardly used, so what gives?  This should be fun, but I’m really looking for the answer that is the closest to the reason this option exists for our members. There really is a correct/best answer.

Thanks for playing.  I guess I won’t use that feature on this post!  LOL!~

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