Disconnecting To Reconnect – Breaking It Down to Rebuild

It’s great to be back in the “Rain” after a long and over-due vacation.  I spent this last week in Southern California with my kids at Disneyland and California Adventure.  It was awesome, then Saturday night my wife and I spent the night in a really nice Hotel in Sonoma County, just being together with no distractions or stresses.  What a romantic and passionate evening. (sorry, that’s all the details I can give about that) Then my three sons snuck me off for Father’s Day to San Francisco (a total surprise) to the Great American Music Hall to see one of my favorite guitar players, Andy McKee.  It just doesn’t and can’t get any better than this…. or can it?


Reconnecting with my kids and family was very timely and much needed.  You see, I am very passionate about my job here at AR, so much so, that my long hours and work commitment had resulted in neglect and disconnect from my kids and family lately.  This past week showed me that there was a real lack of balance and that I needed this time off to evaluate, make changes, and reconnect with my most valued relationships… my family.  The time away has really helped me learn a lot about my kids, my wife, and especially myself.  I was becoming a robot, running on auto-pilot.  No kidding, I’m not even sure what planet I was on there towards the end of last month~

(Thanks for the beautiful card and reminder Sandra)

This past week of Disconnecting To Reconnect – Breaking It Down to Rebuild made me realize that “everyone” needs an opportunity to do this.  We all need the chance to step back, get out, step away, and be honest with ourselves about who we are versus who we want to become.  When you’re in the heat of your day-to-day challenges, stresses, and life in general, it’s hard to really look at yourself and those around you and see the impact or lack thereof you may be having on others.  I have made some major changes and new commitments in my life.  I have conquered some major challenges on my path.  I feel like a new man today.  I only share this with you, my closest friends and colleagues so that you can help hold me accountable.

I’ve hired a Body and Fitness trainer and joined the local Gym.  I have permanently quit some unhealthy habits which I won’t go into details about right now.  I’m committed to my mental and physical health and well being and making it a “life” priority.  I hired a nutrition coach and expert as my “Fit-4-Life” mentor and trainer.  These are some changes I am making because I realized during my time off how out of shape I was both physically and mentally.  It took an extreme disconnect for me to realize how much I had been failing. I thank my beautiful wife Debra for opening my eyes and heart to that.  In those quiet hours of self evaluation and reviewing my personal and family values, I had to break it all down in order to rebuild it again from the ground up.

It’s been a major life-changing experience for me and my family. If you have never done this, do it before it’s too late.  Life is precious and short and your most valued possessions really are time, family, friends and your relationships.

I was asked to put together this list by one of my coaches/mentors.  It’s my Top 25 Priorities and Life Goals.  I only share these with you in hopes that you may be inspired to make a list of your own, to disconnect temporarily so you can prioritize what’s important in your life, then break it all down so you can rebuild and focus on what’s really most important to you and those you love.  If this motivates just one person, helps change one persons life as it has mine, then it’s a beautiful thing.  I’m just putting this out there to be accountable for who I have become, who I am, and who I believe I am meant to be!

Life Priorities and Goals:

  • Have a clean, pure, righteous spirit and conscience
  • Focus on mental, emotional, and my physical health
  • Take care of family and create, embrace, and nurture my most valued relationships
  • Give my very best to everything I do, and do amazing things for others
  • Seek perfection in all things including character, but allow failures
  • Love others unconditionally and with no expectations
  • Live in the moment, plan for the future without fear and doubt, and win part of each day everyday
  • Respect others and myself
  • Use precious time wisely, it is limited, and should be spent achieving goals and dreams
  • Don’t let pain convert to anger, and make resentment convert to love
  • Listen whole-heartedly and care with sincerity
  • Be accountable for every thought and every action, always be in the moment
  • Live with passion, accept all things as lessons, and have the funnest time of my life
  • Be kind, caring, helpful, and sincere with others
  • Use and share my gifts and talents to the best of my ability
  • Think, listen, see, learn, and read, twice as much as I speak or talk
  • Listen to my favorite music often, and create my own without fear of failure or rejection
  • Always be alert and attentive to others and myself
  • Protect and guard my heart and spirit from unhealthy and damaging desires and relationships
  • Be faithful to myself and to others
  • Be conscientious and avoid obsessive, compulsive, and addictive behaviors
  • Create my own eulogy, then live my life backwards
  • Always use effective, clear, and concise communication
  • Agree to Disagree without resentment or retaliation
  • Stay Focused on goals and life priorities
  • Continue seeking Gods will for my life, make an amazing difference in the world, and enjoy life’s journey…

This is as transparent as I can be. Welcome to the real me folks, I hope you don’t mind what you see. 🙂

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