Do You Click on the Links In A Post? Be honest!

Some readers see the links, but just read right on through the post and then comment.  Then I pose this question, Is it a waste of time to add the links and URL's to our already time consuming posts?  I understand the "Value" of linking, creating links, and using them in our Blogs, but honestly…I rarely click on the links myself unless it really peaks my interests.  What about you? 

I have often times clicked on these links and ended up at wikipedia or a link to a graphic (which I used to be guilty of doing myself), and found it to be distracting from the writers post!  Now, I hover my mouse over the link to see what the URL is at the bottom of my screen.  I have recently added a tool to my Blog so you won't have to do this last step.  I don't know the results that will come from this but maybe a "Snapshot" of the URL Link will get the non-interested more interested.  With Snap, you get a preview of the link before going there.  Is this a good or a bad thing?  It's easy to get the HTML and place on you Blog, but should you? Hmmm…

See the balloon next to the link?

I spend allot of time researching things before I set up the links in my posts, and I know many of the other writers who Blog do the same.  We refer to this as "link love" when it's another member or a link to their post!

You'll notice I have only put "ONE" link in this post!  That's another thing, how much is really too much?  All of this is important stuff to know if you're a serious Blogger and trying to get the most value out of your posts and time!!  Someday, when I grow up, I hope to have ALL the answers…yeah right!!  That'll be the day!  LOL!

Ooops!  I did leave off one very important link here!  Let's test one, Click here —> One Of My Favs   Well..did ya?  Be Honest…

If you're a linker, take the time to be sure your links are valuable to your readers.  If you're a Reader, please take time to review some of these writers links, click on them, some of the links are as good as the post!  Now if you're a Clicker, you'll love this Snapshot!!  Why?  Because it could mean just "One Less Click!!"  (Massive Smile..So Big it Hurt!)  You know what I mean!  It may actually mean "One More Click" and that's what we need!  B-)

Just go to 
to sign-up and add the HTML code to your blog.  It's easy and free!

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