Does "1" Point Make A Difference?

I'm not sure if these two planned this, but look at the point spread between them.  These are our two TOP Featured Members in All of California.  Notice they are both Lenders.  Are they working the numbers or what!?!

Is there a benefit to being on top?  I think so!  Do you think these guys do loans or just Blog all day?  I think this position as Featured Member must have some benefits.  I have to tell ya, being at the top has got to be the very best place to be!! Does it generate them more business than being number 23?

I know they have worked hard to get where they are.  I know they are both successful in their professional practices, and I know everyone else wishes they were in their spots.  When I noticed the 1 point difference between them, I had to laugh because I didn't know points were even given in increments of one.

My question is, was this done on purpose? Do you think these two planned it and are just wondering if anyone would notice?  Inquiry minds like me want to know. (very unlikely)  Regardless, I want to Congratulate both Eddy and Scott for their great successes and outstanding accomplishments on Active Rain. You both Deserve The GOLD Jacket with a STAR! Way to go gentlemen!

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