Electronic Signatures and Real Estate

I often wonder where technology is going to take the real estate transaction.  Is buying Real Estate online really the way of the future?  Will Online transaction management systems like AgentFirst, Sureclose, Settlementroom, or REBT’s RELAY be the way we do business in the days ahead?

Now there are electronic signatures.  Sending your clients contracts via email,
(in a pdf format), that they can sign online, from any computer, anywhere in the world.


The question is, where does it go from here?  What will happen to the notary?  We can never replace the handshake and a smile, but will technology take us to a place where we are doing purchases and sales of real property mostly online?  I’d love to hear the thoughts of those who have been facing these technology challenges as well as those who are working so diligently to create them.

docusign mobile
It’s always been interesting to me, all the new technology that has worked it’s way into our industry. I remember when property was looked up on micro-fiche, and Realtors had MLS Books. No pagers, no faxes, no cell phones, no websites, no email, and no worries.  Now look at our industry, can you imagine the future 10 years from now?

I am a certified trainer of e-signatures and do endorse this product.  E-sign is a trademark of Docusign.com and electronic signatures.  It is also built into, Winforms and Zipforms, your online contract library.

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