Email Signatures – How Good/Bad Are They?

There are so many technology tools in Real Estate today, I think half the battle is determining which one’s work and which one’s don’t. No matter what you use in your business to promote and make yourself available to consumers, family, friends and clients, I think an up-to-date signature on your email messages should be a top priority. I receive hundreds of emails on my ActiveRain and Yahoo accounts. So yes, I have seen many of YOUR signatures. :-)) (Brad Grins…)

Do you have your number or contact info there? Is your signature branded with your company logo and current photo? Are there links to information about you or your business others might find useful? Do the links work, or do they need updating? Or is your signature just blank?

I read some Blogs recently that say why a signature is not necessary. IMO, since email is the most commonly used form of communication along with text messaging, how important is all this anyway? I guess this is a choice every individual needs to make. Only you know your thoughts and what you believe regardless if you decide to share that opinion here or not. See, there you go thinking about it.. lol~

Here’s a service provided by “Email Ideas” and at first glance, I like the product they offer. The one I am using here and on my email signature over at, is a FREE signature eCard. It has a link to create your own, and an advertisement up the side, both of which will disappear if you decided to pay for a service like this. It’s a pretty cool layout with the HTML embed links, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Click Here

Whether you use a service like EmailIdeas, MyBlogLog or any other eCard / vCard service, I think it’s important to have information like this made readily available in a professional and easy to read format or layout.

Have you updated your email signature lately? Do you need to? Is it good or is it bad? Don’t be afraid to ask others and get their opinions. That’s what I did.

Try this tool yourself for FREE. If you don’t like it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If all this post does is get you to re-evaluate your email signature, then it has served it’s purpose. The “EmailIdeas” eCard works with the following:

Here’s another sample eSignature from the “MyBlogLog”” site, it’s more of a social networking style. There’s many others out there I’m sure. These are not only good for email signatures, they can be used here on AR like below, or on your outside Blogs and websites, even as a graphic or Brand on your snail mail and letters. I kinda like these tools and the price.


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