Enjoying The "Journey" of Lifetime!

Last week, I had the chance to take my family to go see Cheap Trick, Heart, and Journey at the Pavilion. Talk about a flash-back from the eighties. WOW!  What really made this show and evening so special, were my kids getting to see some of the musical talents of bands and friends that my wife and I have grown up with over the years.  Music and people that were/are a huge part of our lives, and that shaped our memories and future.

The evening was full of surprises for my kids, it was a night they’ll never forget as long as they live!

Cheap Trick Opens the Show with Nothing but Their Classics

Heart Takes us Back Through Time and Down Memory Lane

Journey Takes us on the “Journey” of an Unforgettable Evening

After the show, Jonathan invited us backstage so the family could meet and greet the band.  I can’t even begin to tell you what an impact this had on our kids.  Getting to meet him finally, along with Neal Schon, Arnel Pineda and Ross Valory was not only a dream come true for them, it was the most inspirational moment of their lives.  You should have seen their faces.  You could see the stars and dreams unfolding right in their eyes. Life for them this night, was much more than just a fantasy, it was surreal. I put together a photo collage so they can enjoy and remember this night forever.  Hope you’ll enjoy it too. 🙂


These are some of the shots we were able to get from our seats. The sound was awesome and the performances were incredible, it was a night we’re glad we didn’t miss. Great seats too, 10 rows back.


We want to thank our friends from Heart, Cheap Trick and Journey for an unprecedented evening, and especially Jonathan Cain for making it all possible, and for making the entire concert experience spectacular from beginning to end. Our family had the best time ever, Thanks Again. 🙂 If you EVER get the chance to see Journey “Live”, they are a MUST see. They are simply incredible. Arnel Pineda is every bit as good as Steve Perry or better, and their live performance is just sensational!

We’re forever your fans and friends…Faithfully!

We have some awesome videos and audio recorded, that any of you are welcome to see and hear, so come on over to our place sometime, but I do respect the copyright laws and these fine musicians enough to avoid the temptation of posting them here on my Blog. (It’s Killing me though …LOL) Instead, I endorse and suggest you go out and buy Journey’s newest CD “Revelation!” You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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