eXp Realty – Agent Presentation

Today’s real estate agent is mobile. Today’s consumer is fast-paced and mobile.

The traditional real estate model, typical brokerage, and hierarchy are no longer sustainable in today’s’ economy. With today’s mobile consumer and the technology we have at our fingertips, a faster, better, more efficient and more effective way to buy and sell real estate had to be created.

Something has needed to change out of necessity for a long time now and it finally has… Welcome to eXp Realty!

Faster and greater access to all things using the best technologies. Providing multiple financial growth opportunities across the US and Canada.
Greater commisions, lower capping requirements, stock ownership, an agent equity program, revenue sharing, and the Icon Agent program.

eXp Realty is looking for great agents and brokers across the globe to help fulfill an International vision and global dream.

To connect agents and brokers from all over the world at any given time using the cloud campus and eXp World as the conduit.

Building business and partnerships through a cohesive common ownership mentality that benefits all agents, brokers, and consumers.

Give back to those agents and brokers who help grow their own business at the same time growing the overall company and brokerage.

Enable all agents to access retirement and exit strategies by offering multiple income streams on a multi-agent level.

Overview of the eXp Realty Training for Agents




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