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Use this slidedeck to determine if eXp Realty is “right” for you?

These sites will provide more information and details about the unique eXp Realty model and brokerage.

eXp Cloud – Tools, Services, Product Access, Training Calendar, Enterprise Access and more…

eXp Realty – This is our main real estate landing page using Commission’s Inc as backbone platform…

WordPress Hosting – eXp Realty provides a DIVI Theme for WordPress and will Host Your Domain…

EXPI STOCK – Check out company values, reports, news, updates, filings, investor relations…

eXp Realty Careers – Want more commission? Be an owner? Multiple income opportunities…

Education and Training – Our eXpressway offers courses and 100’s of lessons online 24/7/365…


If you have any questions or need any additional information or details about eXp Realty, feel free to contact us at 707.646.1876 or email Brad@eXpRealty.com. You can also reach us on http://Facebook.com/YourRealEstateCareer and in the cloud campus offices located at http://Invite.eXpRealty.com.


Are You Mobile? Always out and about? Now you can join us in the cloud from your mobile device anytime and from anywhere!



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