How To Export and Import XML Files

Exporting and Importing XML Files Into WordPress using “ActiveRain – to – WordPress”

One of the controversial features and benefits on ActiveRain is that members DO own their own content and can export it at anytime. It’s a good idea to always back-up your data on your computer and it’s a good idea to back up your Blogs on the internet and not just from ActiveRain. The time, cost, and effort you put into creating these blogs over time can be huge. Always backup everything you do on the Web, and on your computer!

The XML Export format

Look for this feature on your Blogging platforms. Do they offer you this? They should, and if not, the question should be why not? ALL Platforms where you provide content, Blog posts, education and information should have an export feature to back up your data, all of them. If they don’t, then you may want to consider another option or platform.

Here’s “How To Export and Backup Your Data on ActiveRain“ Click Here For a Video Tutorial
The WordPress Import Process

This process is not that difficult but you will need to modify the XML file before it can be imported into WordPress. Here’s “How To Import Your ActiveRain Blog to WordPress” You’ll be able to use a simple text editor or HTML editing application to make the minor changes. The manual process to do this doesn’t take long if you use the “find and replace” feature of your text editor.

5 Important things to know when Importing
your XML File from ActiveRain to WordPress.

1. Your “Members Only” and “Draft” posts will be imported and shown as public posts on your WP Blog. Just be sure to go back into the Blog and remove or modify those posts on WordPress.

2. Many of your images and photos will not be pulled over as they are hosted on a different system and not on your WordPress Blog. You’ll need to go back into the link URL’s of each image and add ( before the image/ sub directory.

3. Any new content you place on ActiveRain (after the wordpress import) will NOT be pulled over automatically to your WordPress Blog. You would need to export your XML file and replace your existing WordPress Blog with all the new information and data. This means you would lose all your comments on WordPress. You can use a plugin on WordPress called feedwordpress that would resolve this going forward.

4. Comments on your ActiveRain Blogs are not exported in the XML file export.

5. Tags, keywords, and categories will have to be added once your XML file has been imported. You’ll also need to make some tweaks and customizations to the new WordPress Blog to get it looking just the way you want it.

Use Your Time and Resources Wisely

Regardless of where you import your XML file from ActiveRain, it will be a bit of a challenge if you’re not used to this sort of thing. You might want to consider having a web designer or blog builder assist you in this task. The lack of experience can create a pretty big mess in your new WordPress Blog if you’re not careful and especially if you don’t have a lot of spare time to mess with this type of stuff.

This may just be another good reason why so many have, do, and will continue to just Blog on ActiveRain. The process is simple, the SEO is great, the referrals abound, the success stories multiply by the hundreds, and the support is unprecedented. Your data belongs to you, it’s safe, and requires little time or effort to maintain. ActiveRain Outside Blogs also take the guess work out of the Importing/Exporting process. They offer some nice templates and themes, and let you post to your custom created unique web address with a simple “check in a box!”

Using The Blog Platform That Is Best For You

ActiveRain, WordPress, Blogger, Popsterous, Tumblr and others each offer some great tools and features for the Real Estate Blogging Professional, but remember, ActiveRain is the ONLY Real Estate Blogging Social Network that is specifically designed and created for the purpose of helping support and grow business for the Real Estate Industry Professional. While these other platforms do have some great technical capabilities and features, and some really neat tools, ActiveRain has the most robust and supportive member network!

Blog safe, Blog well, and no matter where you go or where you Blog…… Just Blog! 🙂

NOTE: This entire Blog on WordPress Blog at BradsDomain was setup using the XML export from ActiveRain.

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