Export and Back up Your ActiveRain Blog

How to Export and Back up Your ActiveRain Blog Posts and Content

I have received so many calls, emails, DM tweets and Facebook messages over the past three days regarding the ActiveRain site being down.  I know that with the changing of the guard there are probably going to be some stumbling blocks but I can’t imagine that they won’t have this resolved soon.  In the meantime, I can’t get into the site to answer your questions or share how to export and backup your blogs and content so that’s why I’m doing it here.

These posts are available on my ActiveRain blog but since you can’t get to them, this will have to suffice.

Here’s 10 examples of reasons sent to me to “Export and Backup” your ActiveRain Blog












Patience is a virtue folks but I do understand that time is money and if your content is king, what good is it if you or your clients can’t get to it?  I understand everyone’s concern, I share many of the same concerns but with my experience and long-time participation on the Activerain site, I have faith and am optimistic that they’ll get it fixed soon and this too shall come to pass.  At least that is my hope.

If you’d like to know how to export your ActiveRain Blog content for safe keeping or even import it into a WordPress themed Blog, you can do so by following these easy instructions. (This will only work after you can login to the site)

How To Backup and Export Your ActiveRain Blog Posts:

How to Import your ActiveRain Blog content into a WordPress Blog:

To see a sample and example of what it looks like after you export your XML file from ActiveRain then Import the file into WordPress, you can review The Rain Blog or you can just view the content located here on BradsDomain which was also exported from ActiveRain and then imported into this site.  ActiveRain is a great site and offers many great tools and wonderful services but if you can’t get in and you or your clients and prospects need your data and content right away, then this is an alternate suggestion and solution.  I love ActiveRain, but just like you, I hate it when I’m locked out too.

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