Facebook and Google’s Secret Revealed

This is going to rattle your cage a little and probably rock your world.  Don’t be alarmed, just be educated!

This Google video tutorial explains how the online search worked just over a year ago.

Now take a deep breath, sit back, and try to relax as you watch this next piece…

After all you’ve heard, learned, and know about Google search, Facebook privacy,  SERP’s (search engine results pages) etc. how does or will this affect your personal SEO strategy and future online efforts?  The speaker in this video (recorded at TED 2011) shares some eye-opening information and facts that will make you think differently about how you spend your time, money, and efforts with Internet marketing and online advertising.

How do algorithmic and personalized filter searches affect you?

More importantly, how are they affecting your potential target audience and prospects or are they?  How will we ever know the difference in the “search results” that we get vs the results that others get when using the exact same key word searches and phrases unless we sit down side by side and share our findings and results?  Never going to happen which is why we are faced with the reality of what is REALLY happening on the WEB today.

This is really very interesting, compelling, and thought provoking.

No matter how hard you try to reach a specific and targeted audience or prospect with your online marketing and advertising efforts (paid or organic), the majority of the results (and your success) will depend on their own personal filters and the algorithms that have been previously determined based on their history of keywords and phrases searched.

The secret is out, but the question is how will people ever see or find you on the Internet using search tools like Google and Facebook that have been altered and customized to only find and return specific geographical and filtered content based on that users specific personalized activities on their own computer, searched sites, and even email correspondence?  Microsoft 365 tried exposing these facts about Google Gmail.

“We may have the story about the Internet all wrong?!?”

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