Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Gmail

In this corner, Microsoft Office 365 the challenger is taking on Google Gmail, the heavyweight Champion of the world in a 365-round bout that will be heard and seen around the world. While this site allows no gambling, make no mistake about it, bets are being placed. In this first round, Office 365 comes out swinging fiercely with some low blows, a couple of pokes, and a real stinger midway through the round.


We already know that in the Google corner, Gmail has a winning record of 13,000,265,000,001 and only one loss earning the Champion their world-renowned recognition and top reputation status, but will they be able to defend the belt?

There are two email camps training and now fighting hard for the Championship of the World belt. Each fighter is just that, a powerful and mighty opponent with lots of money, trainers, investors, and the resources to condition their team to be the Best Of The Best in the World!

Who will come out on top? Will the defender keep the belt? Will the challenger capitalize on the Champions’ weaknesses? Or will the Champion pull out all the stops and incorporate some of those secrets and features we know they’ve been holding out on?  What will we find when the dust settles and all is said and done?  Time and tales will tell.  Stay tuned for round two of:

Challenger Microsoft Office 365 Lync -vs- The Champion Google Gmail Man

(EDIT: 2/20/23 – Sorry, it’s unfortunate that when a video is removed from its source, it is no longer available to others as a resource. Therefore causing cracks and disruption within the embedded links and video codes that no longer work. Google, search engines, and even people don’t like this!) Me too! 


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