Finding Popular Search Terms, Keywords, Topics and Phrases

How To Find the Most Popular Search Terms, Specific Keywords, Hot Topics, and Phrases for your Blog.

In a previous post “How To Create A Blog Post for Customers and Search Engines” I made the comment about picking your title (something someone would search for in the search engines) and then writing your post to match the title.  Much like a song writer picks a topic or title, and writes the song or music around that title or subject.  Knowing what topics are “HOT” and which keywords and phrases are most used in the search engines could be a valuable and powerful piece to the Blogging puzzle.

The best rule-of-thumb is to always write compelling content that attracts the attention and interest of readers.  it makes a significant difference and impact when you know what key phrases and search terms people are searching for.  If you can figure out what consumers are typing (the exact keywords or phrases) then writing your Blog posts to match those searches should bring you even greater success.

Here’s some Google tools and ways to find out what searches and keywords are being used.
(Be sure you take a moment and setup your FREE Google account in order to utilize these tools)

1. Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to see what’s “HOT” in terms of searches currently being made on Google.  You can enter your own search terms to see how they rank and rate in different geographic areas.  Another link to visit is the Google TOP HOT TRENDS, which are the top 100 searches.  This page is updated hourly.

2. Google Insights

Google has some great tools, but they require spending some time understanding “How They Work” in order for you to maximize their power and potential.  Google Insights For Search  (in simple terms) allows you to “See what the world is searching for” with the ability to filter by content, geographic location, time frames, and categories.

3. Google Search-Based Keywords

Signing up for Google Adwords does not mean you have to use the pay per click or incorporate them into your site, but it does allow you to use some of these tools like “Google Search-based Keyword Tool” which enables you to search sites and filter keywords and terms.  I used and the term Real Estate to see what the most common searches were on Google.  This is a great tool and will really be an eye opener.

4. Google AdWords Keyword

Need more ideas for Keywords or phrases?  This is one of my favorites.  Just when you think you have covered every possible keyword or search worthy term or phrase, Google Adwords Keyword Tool suggests even more.  You can use this “keyword tool” to get new ideas by using the filters provided.  Also use synonyms to enhance your creative ideas for suggested phrases or terms.

5. Google Auto-Suggest
looks like a regular Google search engine with one unique and hidden difference.  It has the “Google Auto Suggest” tool.  As you begin to type in your “keywords” or “Search Terms and Phrases” Google pulls up the most searched terms and phrases around your search terms.  As you begin to type in the search box, a list of common terms and keywords most searched automatically populates below your search terms.  These are some keywords and terms you might want to consider using in future Blog posts.

6. Beyond The Google Tool Box

Beyond the Google Tool Box, there are other sites like WordTracker, SEOTools, and CopyBlogger that offer some pretty simple and nifty solutions to finding and discovering what your “customers are searching” for.  WordTracker even offers a FREE Keyword Research Guide.  Take your time learning and understanding some of these tools, they will save you time in the long run and make you more profitable once you apply what you have learned.

Using the Best Search Terms, Keywords, Topics, and Phrases will boost your SEO, traffic, and business.

How To Create A Blog Post for Consumers and Search Engines

Create Stickiness, Increase Traffic and Get Visitors Coming Back

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