FlickRiver for Flickr Photos – Tips and Widgets for Blogs and Websites

I just found a really cool site that takes all your Flickr photos and places them on their own URL as a single display.  The search results in FlickRiver (as in most photos) are based on the title, description, tag words, and geo-tagging.  I did a search just for fun and found some photos out there with me in them, many of which I had never seen before.  WOW!!  Don’t worry, there’s nothing you shouldn’t see…I hope!   lol~

The FlickRiver Search tool is pretty advanced but easy to use, give it a try.  Type anything you want in the search box and you’ll find a ton of great shots, literally millions, maybe even some of your own.  Make sure you search your name too, you never know who has posted a surprise photo tagged with your name.  Be sure to always tag and add a description to your uploaded and on-line photos.  That way you can find them, and others will too based on certain “keyword” searches and phrases. 

Is there Google Juice in a photo? Yes. Come on folks, a good portion of people like photos even better than text.

Here’s what the link on mine looks like: Now Try yours.
FlickRiver also lets your viewers sort thru photos:  most relevant | recent | interesting

The Search feature – Do you want to see some awesome photos and photography?
I looked up a few things like Real Estate | Lightning | Fireworks and Wow, some great shots here.

These were some of my favorites: Chocolate | Funny | Sunsets and “Wants to Buy or Sell Real Estate
(I had to try that one just for fun)

Here’s a cool feature: Look closely when you hover your mouse over any photo, a set of options will appear in the lower right corner of each picture or image. You can do some pretty cool stuff like enlarge the photo, get detailed info including number of views, leave a comment, or add to favorites. 

You can also create different types of widgets and badges with multiple options.

Brad Andersohn - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

Brad Andersohn - View my recent photos on Flickriver

Brad Andersohn - View my 'Macro Photos' set on Flickriver

Lastly, I did mention Geo-tagging.  This can be done with Geotagger and Google Earth.  Geotagging is a little bit more advanced, and something I’ll most likely save for an ARU class in the future.  Hope you’ll find value and have fun with FlickRiver. I really enjoy looking at and working with photography, and I know many of you do too.

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