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Microsoft has a great browser that most of you use for touring the Internet called Internet Explorer. Duh! Some of us have had issues with pages loading slowly, letters getting missed or skipped while typing, and screens locking up with no reasonable explanation. Many of us have to use Microsoft IE for MLS applications and other purposes which I totally understand.

I have found that Mozilla and the Firefox Browser have eliminated most of the issues I have had interfacing with Active Rain and many other sites and social networks. Pages load faster, no typing glitches (other than my own mis-spellings), and I have never had a page lock up on me. I also like that if the browser is ever closed unexpectedly, it will restore itself and take you right back to where you left off. Also, if you ever hit the back button accidentally in the middle of a post, you won’t lose everything you spent time creating.

Now, there is FLOCK. I have been using it for about a week now and I am really enjoying some of the features that I don’t have in the other popular browsers. FLOCK was originally created and used in the MAC world, but now they have released a Windows Version. FLOCK’s browser was designed for the Social Network Users like you and I. When I first saw the reviews on FLOCK, I was intrigued and curious, but didn’t have the time to invest trying something new. After hearing more about it from Macworld attendees, I decided to download it and try it. After all, it’s FREE, and if I didn’t like it, or see it’s value, it only takes a few seconds to delete it. I am writing this post using FLOCK, and I have to say I have been very pleased with it’s performance. I searched AR to see if others had written any posts about it, and was surprised to find that there were none. So I am taking this opportunity to at least let you know it’s out there, and you will be hearing more about it.

Here are some things I think you’ll be interested in knowing about Flock:
Source: Flock.com

Latest Release Of Flock Browser Premiered At Macworld Offers Integrated Email And Friend Activity Features

Mountain View, CA – January 16, 2008 – Flock, the innovative social web browser, today announced the Flock 1.1 beta, available as a free software download for Mac, PC and Linux in two weeks at www.flock.com….More »

Flock Browser Named “Best Application” by Judges of Open Web Awards

Flock joins Facebook, ESPN, YouTube and Twitter as recipients of the inaugural Judges Choice Award Mountain View, CA – January 10, 2008 – Flock, the innovative social web browser, today announced that that the judges of the inaugural Open Web Awards have selected Flock as the best application….More »

Cnet Calls Flock One of the Top Web 2.0 Hits of 2007

Mountain View, CA – December 31, 2007 – Flock, the innovative social web browser, today announced that it has been listed as one of CNET’s top 2.0 Hits of 2007. CNET writers Rafe Needleman, Josh Lowensohn, and Caroline McCarthy called out Flock as one of the best technologies of the year in their “Hits and misses of 2.0 (07).”…More »

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I think you should take a moment to read these reviews, watch the videos above, and then decide yourself if you want to give FLOCK a try. For me personally, I now have all my RSS feeds in one location, All my friends and videos in one place, and all my sites and social networks on one sidebar allowing me easy access to multiple Blogs and social networks. Remember, it is just a Browser and not some complicated application that will take you hours to learn or navigate.

So if you’re a want-to-be Flockstar and want to learn what the FLOCK is all about, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I have added the “My Flock” button to the sidebar of my Blog here on Active Rain. They have multiple buttons available for you to use if you choose. They also have a Blog, Forums, a support Team, and even a phone number to call for questions and support (unlike the other browsers). Flock has some very cool and unique features, but only YOU can decide if FLOCK is right for your Web Browsing Experience. So to that end, I say “FLOCK ON!” my friends!!

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