Following Others On Twitter Without an Account – Twitter Fast Follow

Twitter has a new feature called “Fast Follow which allows you to follow people on Twitter via SMS (short Message Service) and you don’t even need to have a Twitter account to do this. I know that many Real Estate Industry professionals are still trying to get their arms around the concept of how to use Twitter effectively, but with this new feature, at least you can follow those who are posting valuable information and content for their followers.

Just text “follow + TwitterUsername” to Twitters “Fast Follow” at #40404 and you’ll receive text updates from that user right on your smart phone. You may want to be selective, especially if you pay for your individual text messages on a limited phone plan.

Fast Follow seems like something that will appeal to those wanting to maximize social media advertising, but imagine all the passive non twitter users out there who want to receive information and updates from their favorite people, brands, and companies, but have no desire whatsoever to tweet themselves.

Now I know that you avid twitter users out there will instinctively want to try this out by following yourselves first to test it out, but the text message you’ll get back might mess up your day and your ego along with it! lol~

Take a look and see if this is something that might work for you in your quest to get relevant content from those you believe provide it, and at the same time, see how other individuals and companies are using twitter to gain readers, followers, and grow relationships and business.

Check out the Twitter Blog for more details on their new “Fast Follow” SMS feature.  Should I tweet this too?!

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