Convert Images, Docs and Video

Have you ever had a picture that was in the wrong format for uploading to a website or Blog?  Let’s say your camera takes photos in a .TIFF or .GIF format and the site you want to upload it to only uses .BMP or .JPG.  This can be frustrating and even time consuming if you’re trying to figure out how to convert it, or find a software application that you can purchase to convert it for you.

How about those documents that come to you in a .TXT or .DOC or .XLS format? What in the heck are you suppose to do if all you have is a program that reads .PDF formats?  Maybe you have a music or video file that your specific computer and player aren’t compatible with, now what do you do?  Who you gonna call? Are there meds you take to reduce blood pressure and lower anxiety? :-O

So if you’ve ever wanted to convert a file without the need to download software…

Try taking it 2 Zamzar, then call me in the morning. This is a FREE online site that will convert your photo/image files to 14 different formats, your Docs to over 22 different formats, your mp3 and sound files to more than 10 formats and your videos to just under 20 different formats.  You’ve got to love having options like this online and for free.  I just converted a .DOC to a .PDF, an .MOV to an .AVI, and a .WAV into an .MP3.

It’s really easy, it’s FREE, and you can do it with nearly any file and in less than 4 steps!

Hopefully many of you will find this a useful tool in your search for a file conversion application that will work for pretty much any file format. Just wanted to share this with you because I know how frustrating it can be uploading these things and trying to share them with others only to get that infamous unwelcome RED “ERROR” message that pops up!!

Try it, this might save you some time, some money and maybe even some hair!  lol~

Image above courtesy of Bob Birkentall of Newsday Media Group at
Thanks Bob ~ I had to convert it from a .PNG to a .JPG for this post 🙂

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