Google Earth – The Whole World In Your Hands!

Google Earth

The number one reason to incorporate Google Earth into your business is that it’s FREE, and who isn’t trying to save money in todays market and economy.  You can download Google Earth and begin using it immediately.

If you already have Google Earth, you may want to explore some of the features and valuable benefits that are available to you.  I wanted to share just a few tips that may entice you to take a serious look at why more and more people are discovering and using Google Earth.

Did you know that you can now create tours?  That includes vacations, open houses, caravans, and they are available in virtual mode, can be emailed, and even added to your GPS?  Google Earth is so much more than just a mapping program.  You’ve got the whole world in your hands.  Go in and look at all the layers and overlays you can add to your maps and screen shots.  Find schools, parks, shopping, transportation, dining, lodging etc., and then email to your clients who may be moving into that area.  It just keeps getting better…

Here’s some sample screen shots I put together using Real Estate Shows
Google Earth Slide Show. 

 The Navigational tool on Google Earth is Fantastic.  You can zoom, turn, pitch, roll, angle, go vertical and horizontal, and even cruise across America’s plains in slow, medium, or fast speed!  By using the navigational tools in Google Earth, you can now capture some awesome views, angles, and screen shots for your presentations. There’s even 3D and now 4D.

Using the Search tools, you can get directions, do Fly-overs, Find businesses and more.  You can create custom views, add place-marks, create text and personalize your searches.  You can even show time zones, navigation, and save your searches for future use.

To see some youtube videos of what you can do with Google Earth and, check out this link.  Details>>>

BTW – For $20.00, you can upgrade to Google Earth Plus, and add GPS device support, get faster performance, add the ability to import spreadsheets, and get even higher resolution printing.  Some really great stuff for only twenty bucks.


 Here’s some more links you might want to check out:  Explore Popular Places , Featured Content , Google Earth Community , View 3D Buildings , Product comparison , Build 3D Models , Maps on your phone.  I think you’ll agree after seeing these, this is a fabulous tool that can be used in your Business.  I’m sure many are already!

Google Earth is a powerful and useful application that you should add to your list of technology tools for your business and success.  This is not a new application, but it has been upgraded to 4.1 and has more features, tools, and options than I can fit into a single post.  There are so many things to explore, I hope you’ll take the time to test drive, evaluate and utilize the FREE new and improved Google Earth.  The “Ball” is now in your court…

Have you seen “Where in the world is Matt?”  just another idea of what you can do with Google Earth!  The possibilities are endless…                               

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