Google Gives GoGo Juice while Flying to New York City

Google Gives Great GoGo Juice as a gift, and they’re doing it on Virgin American Airlines

This will be my first post ever from a plane flying at an altitude of over 37,225 feet.  I just couldn’t resist.  My options were to either sleep on the 5 hour flight to New York, finish reading “Crush It” by Gary V, or write a blog post. Well, here I am. lol~  I’m actually hoping that in the next five hours, I can accomplish a little bit of all three.  🙂

It was a really cool thing to arrive at the Virgin American Air gate this morning to see that they had Wi-Fi available for all us passengers.  Then I was greeted with a handshake and a smile from one of the Virgin Air employees at the front desk, followed by seeing my name in lights on the “BIG” board.  Wow, I have to say I got pretty excited, and was very impressed with their unique great customer service.  I really appreciated that warm and fun reception.

I can tell already this is going to be a great trip to RainCamp and Inman Connect!


First thing after boarding the plane, I run into Derek Overby and Mike Mueller, both nearly as excited as I am to get to New York. (Actually, Mike Mueller is behind me sleeping right now, but I know he’s excited).  I just sent him an IM using this new “seat to seat chat” they have on board, but looks like Mikes getting his zzzzz’s instead right now…

I digress.  So how cool is this that I am writing this post from seat 18D aboard a flying aircraft.  I have written many Blog posts and from “many” different places, but never while flying on a plane.  Here I was thinking and dreading the worst of a long 5 hour+ flight from the West to East Coast.  I sure am glad that Google has a hot thing going on with Virgin…wait…that doesn’t sound quite right, but I think you know what I mean right?  FREE WiFi on a plane, Man I just love that they’ve finally able and doing this.

Now I’m spoiled, I will never want to fly without Internet Access again.  Google, please keep your “GoGo” coming, and provide it on all airlines, not just Virgin’s.   You’ve got my vote, it sure is making the time and flight go faster, and it’s much more enjoyable knowing my email is not getting backed up over the next few hours.  Thanks to Virgin Air and Google for bringing me my “first ever” Airborne Blogging experience.  I’ll probably want to travel a lot more now and you both know where I’ll “GoGo” when it comes time to “FLY!”


Looking forward to landing in New York in a few hours, and I’m really excited about being a part of both Inman Connect and RainCamp this year. I hope I’ll get to see you at either one or both.  …and I still can’t believe I’m writing this while flying on a plane. :-))

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