Google Groups – Helping Users Connect with People and Communities

Google Groups – Create Discussion Opportunities with your Niche or Community

In researching some of the many tools that Google offers Web Based Business users, (over 45 tools) I discovered that Google Groups might be a great service for you, your business, and possibly your niche’s or communities.  Some of the features are very powerful, and the SEO within Google Groups is very good. I tested it out by creating a Real Estate Technology Group and already have 3 discussions showing up on the first page of a search within Google Groups.

Google Groups
Real Estate Technology
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Results 110 of about 4,320,000 for real estate technology

What is Google Groups?

Google Groups is a place on Google that you can discuss items online or over email, create rich custom pages, and customize your look and graphics. You can add images, links, create discussions, ask questions, and build a collaborative area to be shared with the world, or at least with those you invite or who find you. Make it public, make it private, make it any way you see fit to best serve your needs.

Creating Your Own Groups

What type of groups might be useful?  You could create a group for your family, your golf or bowling team, your Real Estate Company or your own Business.  Create a group for stagers, inspectors, or even custom homes and niche markets.  There is no limit to the type and amount of groups you could create.  Creating and starting a group is easy and it’s FREE.  All you have to do is pick a Group name and then start inviting members to participate.  You can even post to your groups via email or right from your smart phone.

Extra Features and Tools For Google Groups

A promo box, your own Group URL, and an email address all members can use.

Public website
Get a promotion box for your website

Group address


Current web address:

Current email address:

If you Can’t Beat em, Then Join em

One thing about Google Groups is that you don’t have to create your own, you can just join others. Find groups where you have experience or knowledge and can contribute, or even learn something new.  The possibilities and opportunities within some of the existing groups might even be better for some of you to explore?  You can search Google Groups for just about any topic and find something of interest available.  There’s even an “Advanced Search Tool” that refines and filters your search.  There are many groups available that could benefit you and your business.

The Real Estate Technology Group

I just setup this Real Estate Technology Group yesterday to test and explore. Check it out, maybe join, and possibly contribute.  More importantly, I wanted to share, and just let you know these groups are out there and available if you need.  Why not create a community group for the neighborhood and allow your friends and neighbors to contribute their ideas and collaborate on some “fun” or even important local issues?  (the wheels upstairs should be spinning about now…)

Many of you focus and specialize on specific niche and target markets with unique customers, a Google Group could be a very non-threatening and fun way to get members of your community and target audiences involved.  Topics and discussions create and build great relationship opportunities, just like Blogging and social networking do.  What group could you create or join to benefit your community or business?

It’s a Group, Do I have To Sit In A Circle?

Check out all the things that Google Groups has to offer then decide on your own if this is a tool or product you can use. If nothing else, at least join my Real Estate Technology Group so I won’t feel like I did all this for nothing! lol~ Seriously though, I see some great potential and opportunities to use Google Groups as a way to do much of what we’re used to doing already in this business.  Connecting with others, learning, sharing, growing and providing value to all those who come into contact with us. This could be a great conduit to connect directly with some of your clients and potential future customers.  The best part of these groups is that you don’t have to drive there to sit in the circle!

Here’s Google Everything
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