Google Juice Resides in Commenting

Is There Google Juice in Commenting on Blogs?

This Google alert just came in and the Google spiders decided to use Mike Yeo’s comment as part of the indexing process.  My next thought was to Google the title of this post to see what the first section of the search results showed?

Here’s a screen shot of the Google “Title” search:

So what happen to Mike Yeo’s comment and why didn’t he show up in the search results?  Google alerts selects an entirely different range of content when it sends you the alert, it is not the same content that is selected to appear in the search engine results.

Don’t be fooled by the Google Alert thinking that all the juice (SEO) is in the comment, especially if the site you are commenting on uses “no-follow” links which many do.

The Google juice I’m referring to here in the comments are the one way links back to your site or profile which can be very powerful in page rank and your sites popularity.  So what are you waiting for, leave a comment below and lets see if this is correct and true?

BTW – when you do leave a comment on an ActiveRain blog post, there is a one way “follow” link back to your ActiveRain profile.  Getting 25 points for a comment is neat, but getting those one-way links back to your page for SEO is awesome!

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