The Great Mobile Technology Movement

Think Mobile with Google

The Unprecedented Mobile Technology Movement

Some very interesting points are made about mobile technology, where it is today, and where it’s going tomorrow.  Who will be in the game, who will succeed, and who will fail?  One thing for sure is that the mobile technology movement has already made more impact on small and large businesses across the globe.

More than any other product and in any time period ever!


There are currently over 5 Billion mobile phones owned by consumers and each device is capable of providing at least 10 daily tools and uses minimum for its owner.

Telephone calls, GPS mapping, Google searches, Internet browsing, text messaging, photos, videos, social media access, email, games, calendar, contacts, music, apps, voice memos and much more.  So what is the “Call To Action” for the independent contractor, the small business owner, you and I who are out in the trenches using mobile technology everyday?

You need to act now!

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