Google Local – Register Your Business and Blog

Last week, Jon Washburn published a great post about 7 SEO Secrets to Dominate Your Local Market
I’ll start with the first one, registering your ActiveBlogs and Businesses on Google Local.  There are many benefits to doing this, an important one is just being found and getting some of that additional SEO.

It only takes a couple minutes and it’s FREE.

You can create and upload your Office and Blog or Website information individually, or if you have a Company or Office with multiple addresses, you can upload an excel spreadsheet with all the locations and watch Google Local work it’s magic.  You’ll find both of these options really easy to use.

Enter your business information as shown below.  Your listing will appear to the right. This is just a first step. After this has been completed, you will be able to upload photos and videos, specify categories, payment options and business hours and much more.


Next you can add multiple categories, office hours, payment options, photos, video, and additional details you may want consumers to know.  You can include up to 5 different videos. Final step is the validation which can be completed over the phone or by postcard.  I used the phone verification method below.

The process is completed and you’ll show up on Google Maps within one business day.

Why not take a couple minutes, register your Business and site on Google Local, and see what benefit it brings to your business?  Provide all you can to the traffic, visitors, and those searching Google by the millions every day.  You have nothing to lose except the 5 minutes it will take to complete these steps. 

The next step is to get your clients and business associates to write a quick review.
  Here’s a link to our ActiveRain Business Office on Google Local.  If you have an extra moment while you’re here, we’d love your review.

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