Google TV – Television Meets The Web

Google TV – Television On Steroids – Will it still be called television in the years ahead?

Recently, I posted the “Top 50 Google Tools for your Business” thinking there’s not much more these folks at Google can do to top their latest releases of really cool products and services on the web.  Now Google is getting into the Television broadcasting business?  Not exactly, but does this mean your content might be subject to more exposure?  Your videos exposed to more traffic?  Will your expanded reach via Google TV give you the ability to generate, cultivate, capture, and convert more leads and increase your business? 

This is fascinating stuff.  We really do live in a time and space where there are no boundaries.  Where the only thing that stops or limits us is our own creativity and imaginations.  The world is evolving quickly with the implementation of all this new and exciting technology.  The future is coming faster than ever before and the amount of information at our fingertips is simply unimaginable. 

I remember when TV was just for entertainment.  Google is onto something here.  As a child, I recall waking up in the middle of the night next to our 1960 RCA black and white TV, only to hear that high pitched sound and see that old familiar test pattern on the screen.  It actually use to frighten me.  Now my kids, and their kids will be watching my Youtube videos on their Big Screen TV’s.

So How Big is your Big Screen TV? Big enough for Google TV?

Content really is king! It always has been, and it always will be.  Is your content ready for TV?  Will Google TV be as successful for entertainment as it has been for the Internet as a search engine?  Will this be the next biggest thing since the iPhone, Facebook, and sliced Bread?  I always wonder where these things will go, and how they will impact or change the world as we know it.  If anyone has the ability to change the world quickly using new technology, I’d have to say it would be Google! So will there now be SEO for television? :-O


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