Hit Router – How To Setup & Save Your Own Traffic

One of the many wonderful features that ActiveRain has available to Members is called Hit Router.  Jeff Corbett created an “Introductory Post” that will give you a few more details about Hit Router and the initial launch.  The following posts are tutorials to help you get Hit Router setup and running properly.  These will be very short and easy tutorials so you can get up and running right away with little or no hassle at all.  You might also want to catch Bob Stewarts “White Board” Video Presentation for a better understanding of ActiveRain’s Hit Router.

To save your own traffic, you can direct any viewers from your Blog, Profile, or posts to any of your IDX websites or locations.  These must be IDX and they must be your sites.  You can not just direct to any website that has listings, it must be an approved IDX exchange site.  Tip: Be sure the IDX site you are directing visitors to has a good lead capture system in place.  The “Find Homes For Sale” search box will now appear at the top of your screen and will “Float” as visitors scroll through your Blog, your profile, and your individual posts.  Searching for property is literally just one click away now.


The “Hit Router” will ONLY show up on your pages when LOGGED OUT of ActiveRain.

To find property, visitors will just enter that city into the “Find Homes For Sale” box and click Search.

Once visitors type in a City to search, a link to that City will be provided as seen below.




1.  Go to your “My Home” Link located at the top of any AR page

2.  Click on the “Hit Router” link located on the left side of screen

3.  Enter in your City ie:  Bellevue  (Don’t include the State)

4.  Add your MLS IDX Listing page URL for that City
     Sample (http://www.MyIDXWebsite.com/BellevueWA)

5.  Click Update, then repeat to add additional Cities or areas.

You can add as many additional areas as you have IDX links for. There is no cost or credits needed to setup IDX listing links to your own IDX sites.

NOTE: Double Check and Make sure the links you create go to the proper IDX sites you have setup.  You can edit or remove them as needed.


The only thing left to do is setup your Markets.  This is FREE and EASY to do. See the Screen Shot below for how to set up your markets.


Just a reminder that all this free traffic comes from your own Blog, Posts, and Profile

This next post will explain  “How To Setup Your Own Click Campaign”

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