Home Values on Your Phone?

This is a nifty little service that was introduced to me by fellow Active Rain member Stephen Joos who works with HouseFront.  At first it seemed to be just another widget, but after I researched it more, I found this to be quite a useful tool, not only for us industry “techies” but consumers as well. 

You can use this FREE widget on your Blog, or your website, but I really like that it can be used on your cell phone while you are mobile, anywhere in the world.  All you have to do is text your property address, city, and state to (house) 46873 on your cell phone, and 30 seconds later, you have the property info, owner, price paid, and estimated value of the property.  (In most cases) Find Real Estate Valuations for over 100 million homes! 

I spoke with Stephen over the phone a couple days ago, to ask some of the very questions I know many of you’d be asking.  I was very impressed with his knowledge of the product, experience, and his customer service.  This is the only tool I am aware of that offers this type of service to you on your cell phone.  I have not researched any others, but this is the first I have seen or heard of this.  I Like It! 

I have added this widget to my Blog to feature this month.  I am also putting it into this post for you to test and see what you think.  This is not a paid advertisement or a commercial, I just felt compelled to share this with my fellow Industry Professionals and the consumers who may like to know about it.  Put in Your address, you know you’re dying to find out what it will say.  Then try the “text to your phone.”  When it comes to having the tools to impress for success, and for less, I’d add this one to the rest…..it passed my test!  🙂

Edit Update: HouseFront.com just rolled out a new feature called “Send to Cell”, so now when you type in an address, and then have the information sent to your phone. This works from the widget as well and requires no updating if you are currently using it. HouseFront also tracks all of your text message searches on their website for your tracking and future use.

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